How To Use Aweber

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This 22-part video course shows you how to use Aweber to set up autoresponders, newsletters and opt-in subscriber forms that can be integrated with WordPress for lead generation, user engagement, and client training.

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How To Use Aweber - 22 Part Video Series

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How To Use Aweber

One of the most important digital business and marketing tools you can have for long-term profitability is an email autoresponder service like Aweber.

This 22-part video series walks you step-by-step through the process of setting up an Aweber account so you can start growing your subscriber list with email marketing, newsletters, and autoresponders.

You will learn how to use Aweber to set up autoresponders, newsletters and opt-in subscriber forms that can be integrated with WordPress for lead generation, user engagement, and client training.

Video Content:

  1. An Introduction To Aweber (5:39) – This video covers important tools & features as well as the pricing structure.
  2. Signup (3:18) – This video walks you through the signup process. You will learn how to sign up for a brand new Aweber account following a demo business & website used in all the videos in this series.
  3. List Setup (9:27) – This video provides an overview of the Home page, your list statistics, the importance of using ‘swipe files’, and how to add a custom header image to your list pages. A set of ‘Copy & Paste’ templates is included for your custom confirmation email.
  4. Global Text Snippets (6:20) – This video covers a useful automation feature offered by Aweber. The example of Global Text Snippets used in this video explains how to include ‘in-message’ advertising and in a later video in this series, you will learn how to use the Global Snippets for other ways to make money.
  5. Create Web Form (7:13) – This video explains what a squeeze page is and walks you through the 3 steps of creating a Web Form: Design, Settings, and Publishing. You will learn how to add the Web Form code to your website as shown in the demo example.
  6. Customizing Your Web Form (5:47) – Once your Web Form is installed on your site(s), you may decide to make changes to some of your form elements, such as the headline, or the background color, or some other change. This video shows you how to customize your form and how the changes are instantly updated on all of the web pages you have installed your form in.
  7. List Importing (4:50) – This video is useful if you are moving from another email service to Aweber. You will learn various ways to import your subscriber list and what you should do BEFORE importing data.
  8. Create Templates (9:17) – This time-saving video shows you how to create a template that you can use over and over and explains the difference between a theme and a template. You will also learn what to include in every email that you send out to help minimize unsubscribes and spam complaints. Copy & Paste templates are included.
  9. Create Follow Up Messages (5:28) – This video shows you how to create and schedule follow-up messages to be delivered in the time zones of your subscribers. This video also covers important elements of your follow up messages like adding clickable links, the importance of image alt text and why & how to schedule your follow-up messages on certain days of the week.
  10. Create Broadcast Messages (5:47) – When done correctly, creating broadcast messages is perhaps the most powerful monetization feature in your Aweber account. This video walks you through all the stages of crafting your broadcast message and using your broadcast archive page.
  11. Blog Broadcasts (5:59) – This video shows you how to set up the blog broadcasting auto feature that automatically notifies your subscribers every time you post new content to your blog or website. You will also learn why this feature is easier and more reliable than using an RSS feed for keeping your subscribers updated on your new content.
  12. Backup Your Lists (3:54) – Your subscriber list is one of your most important business assets. Backing up your subscriber list is an important part of your online activities. This video shows you how to do a backup of your subscriber list and includes useful tips on organization and the contents of your backup files. You will also learn about active & inactive subscribers.
  13. Removing Inactive Subscribers (3:46) – This video shows you how to remove inactive subscribers and why removing inactive subscribers helps to improve your analytics and increase your revenue.
  14. Create List Segments (5:10) – Creating segments is a valuable tool for your Aweber account. This video shows you how to create different list segments to improve your bottom line results. You will also learn what type of ‘inactive’ subscriber should not be removed from your list and how to handle this type of subscriber.
  15. Copy Messages (2:35) – This video shows you how to save time creating follow up or broadcast messages that deliver you great conversions or CTR (click through rates) with one of your messages, by making copies that can be used in the same list or even in different lists.
  16. Sharing Messages (2:58) – Whilst the previous video shows you how to copy a single follow up or broadcast message, this video shows you a powerful time-saving and money-making feature within your Aweber account that many users are not aware of. You will learn how to copy and monetize all messages is a specific list. This includes the entire sequence of follow up messages, plus your broadcast messages.
  17. Split-Testing Web Forms (4:55) – This video shows you how to split-test your web forms, why you should split-test web forms, and what not to do when split-testing forms.
  18. Split-Testing Broadcast Messages (5:26) – You should split-test broadcast messages for the same reasons you split-test your web forms. This video explains what is required before split-testing your broadcast messages and covers best practices you should adhere to when performing split-tests.
  19. Statistics & Reports (5:56) – Message statistics and reports will help you improve your split-testing and get higher conversions and better results. You will also learn how to sort information that will help you better track the results of your follow ups & broadcast messages.
  20. Subscriber Search (2:37) – This time-saving video shows you how to locate specific subscribers anywhere on your Aweber account, using various different searches.
  21. Adding Video To Messages (4:44) – This video shows you how to add video to your email messages. You will learn what many people do wrong and the correct way to use this feature for improved results, and how to make the process of adding videos to email messages easier & faster.
  22. Automation Rules (1:48) – This video covers a powerful Aweber feature when using sales funnels. You will learn how to use automation rules to automatically remove subscribers from your “free” lists when they become customers and add them to your “buyers” list.

Additional Bonuses:

This video package includes the following list-building bonus and email marketing PDF guides (with Master Resell Rights):

  • Monetized List Building Primer – A “Done For You” Sales Funnel including a 10+ minute training video that walks you through every detailed step of setting this up on your server. Includes how to edit the squeeze page, thank-you page, 7 follow up messages, a 21-page report you can give away for free (already linked to the Squeeze page and the Thank-You page), and how to add your Aweber web form code to the squeeze page.
  • Email List Profit Funnel – PDF Guide
  • Email Marketing Pro – PDF Guide
  • Email Marketing Tips & Tricks – PDF Guide

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